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Snorkel Omer Zoom Red Stone Snorkels

Snorkel Omer Zoom Red Stone

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Snorkel Omer Zoom Red Stone

 • The Zoom snorkel series has been developed, by our technicians, specifically for spearfishing and freediving.
 • The shapes of the anallergic silicone mouthpiece and the air tube have been ergonomically designed to follow the profile of the spearfisherman's face, to greatly reduce its visibility during the dives.
 • The internal diameter of the tube is 20mm, a specific dimension to optimize the air flow rate.
 • The strap holder is easy to use and reduced to minimal dimensions.
 • The tube of the Zoom Pro is manufactured in TPU, an extremely flexible plastic material with a high mechanical strength used mainly for articles subjected to wear and for all heavy-duty engineering components.
 • The tube will undergo no swelling in water and won’t yellow under the action of UV light.

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