Payment methods in Germany

•    We accept the following payment methods: bank transfer payment, PayPal, credit card payment and cash payment for self pickup shipping method.
•    For bank transfer payments the customer receives our banking details by email. As soon as we got the money on our account, the order will be shipped to you as soon as avaliable.

Shipping costs and transport in Germany

•    Depending on the dimensions and weight of the package, we deliver using the cheapest way with Deutsche Post (DHL), DPD or Fedex.
•    The shipping costs are calculated automatically depending on the weight and dimensions.
•    It is possible to pick up an order directly from our warehouse in 67269 Gruenstadt. In this case the shipping costs are not due if the customer has selected the shipping method "self pick up" . If you want to pick up the goods you have to make an appointment in advance by telephone or e-mail.
•    If the customer has selected the payment method "bank transfer" it will be automatically send an email with our banking details. As the reference you have to use the order number.

•    The average delivery time is 1-3 business days after we have received the payment and the ordered goods are in stock.

Payment methods and shipping costs abroad

    •    The shipping costs will be calculated automatically depending on the weight and dimensions of the ordered goods and included the VAT of  the country of destination (shipping address). VAT will be only calculated at the delivery to the EU countries! At delivery to the non-EU countries the prices will be automatically calculated without VAT. The delivery address is decisive.
    •    If the customer has selected the payment method "bank transfer" it will be automatically send an email with our banking details. As the reference you have to use the order number.

Regular delivery times and partial deliveries

    •    The average delivery time is 3-5 business days (EU countries) after we have received the payment and the ordered goods are in stock.

    •    For non-EU countries apply different delivery times. These can be found out on request.
    •    If the goods are out of stock  the delivery time can be 2-3 weeks because of cooperation with foreign suppliers. The respective delivery time can be seen on our website in the product description.
    •    You can see the status of an order any time about your account in our online shop.
    •    Please note that the payment method “bank trasnfer” have the longest processing times because it can last up to 5 busine days (depending on the bank) until we receive the payment.
    •    A partial delivery of your order is possible by arrangement.

   •    We inform you about the shipping of your parcel by email with the status "delivered". Should you not have received the parcel after maximum 4 working (EU) days  inform us please by email. We will start an investigation about the tracking number.

, product returns

Regarding complaints about delivery, material defects, wrong deliveries the customer have to contact  immediatly  but at the latest during one week after  receipt of goods.
The customer has a 14-day right of return if the goods are fully functional and undamaged. The return period begins with the delivery and lasts 14 days. This is enough to send the good  back on time.

The goods must be undamaged and in perfect condition and in original packaging. The freight of return will be at the customer's expense. A copy or the original of the invoice must be enclosed. The customer bears responsibility for the deterioration of goods. The goods label may not be removed.

The shipping costs for the replacement or returning of the goods can only be taken over by the  if the goods are defec or have flaws. If the goods do not like or the size is not suitable, the shipping costs will be taken over  by the customer.

Right of return for consumers (§§ 312d, 356 German Civil Code [BGB] )

The customer is entitled to return the goods, subject to the following instructions:

Instructions for returning goods

Right of return:
You may return any merchandise received within 14 days without any requirement to state a reason. This period begins upon receipt of this instruction in text form (e.g. as a e-mail), but not prior to receipt of the merchandise and also not before we have fulfilled our obligations under § 312e (1) (1) BGB in conjunction with Article 246 § 3 EGBGB (Introductory Law to the German Civil Code). In the case (exclusively) of goods which cannot be dispatched by parcel post (e.g. bulky goods), you may submit a request in text form for the goods to be collected from your premises. The period of notice of return will be deemed to have been adhered to as long as the collection request or the merchandise in question have been despatched within the above-mentioned time limit. The return shipment will in all cases be undertaken at our expense and risk. The goods should be returned or the collection request submitted to:

Spearfishing Shop
Andreas Berg
Bitzenstr. 24
D-67269 Grünstadt

Tel. 0049 6359 87 277 97


We ask to return the goods in their original packaging!

Pursuant to § 312 d (4) BGB, the right of return does not apply to merchandise made to customer specifications or clearly and unambiguously tailored to individual requirements or whose composition renders it unsuitable for return.

Consequences of return:
In the event of an effective return, the performances received by both parties will be returned and any benefits that may have accrued released. In the event of the deterioration of the merchandise and for benefits (e.g. benefits from use) that either cannot be released or can be released only in a deteriorated condition, you may be liable to pay us compensation. You will be liable to pay compensation for the deterioration of the merchandise only if the deterioration can be attributed to a situation in which the merchandise was handled in a way that went beyond the mere testing of its properties and mode of function. “Testing of [...] properties and mode of function” should be understood as testing of the merchandise in question that is possible and customary in a retail outlet. Any obligations to refund payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The period of notice begins for you with the despatch of your collection request or of the merchandise, and for us with the receipt thereof.

Transport damages and loss

   •    In case of transport damages is the parcel insured by the parcel service.
   •    Should there be a transport damage of your product during the shipping, ask we to inform us  immediately about this with your order number by email.
   •    In case of damage we depend on the cooperation with our customers. To the introduction of the compensation procedure we will need perhaps still information from you.


    •    The orders which are not paid by bank transfert within 14 days can be cancelled by us automatically.
    •    Cancelled orders still remain for some time in our EDP system and can be activated again.