Reel Cressi Sub R20 Reels

Reel Cressi Sub R20

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Reel Cressi Sub R20

 • Essential reel technician robust construction, which combines elements Delrin assembly in AISI 316 stainless steel.
 • Mechanism stainless steel and Delrin roller body to ensure high structural rigidity, vital to avoid any friction or.
 • Pletina, the guide, the roller shaft and screws in AISI 316 stainless steel.
 • Impeller integrated to prevent exhaust line drum.
 • Eyelet wire guide for homogeneous distribution in the collection phase.
 • Adjustable brake to prevent the reel go too free in the emptying phase and to accelerate making too much thread is released.
 • Lace in reinforced reel holder guide.
 • Adaptable to Ocean Cherokee, Cherokee Open, Geronimo, Pacific, Comanche, Yuma, Moicano and Sioux.
 • Measurements: Drum Ø55mm, height 40mm.
 • Capacity approximately 20 meters Ø2mm wire with wire Ø1,5mm 30mts.

Fits to spearguns
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